One black sheep surrounded by white ones

While visiting Edendale say hello to our guinea pigs, small native animals and farm animals, including sheep, calves, alpacas and goats. You can also go in with and feed the poultry with the food provided. 

You can see our stick insects and learn about their life cycle and see our hopping mice,  yabby and other water creatures in our tank displays outside Reception.

There is information about our animals at, or near their enclosures, you can also explore more by using the Farm Finders QR codes that are also near the animals. 

See some of our wonderful animals, past and present, in our photo gallery

Talk to staff to learn about sustainable land practices and how we get food products from animals.

Animal welfare is a top priority at Edendale. Please be aware that some animals need particular grazing conditions. This means that animals are moved around the farm to meet their needs as well as considering good landcare practices. Not all paddocks will have animals or they will be in a different space since your last visit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What animals do you have at Edendale?

Goats, sheep, alpacas, ponies, spiny leaf stick insects, guinea pigs, spinifex hopping mice, native fish and various breeds of poultry.

Can I go into the animal enclosures?

Visitors can go into our main chicken enclosure on most days. For safety reasons, other animals can only be viewed from outside the enclosures.

Can I feed the animals?

Chook food is available for purchase for $2. Please do not bring your own food for other animals since this can make them sick.

When do you have young animals?

We have chicks at Easter and the September school holidays, lambs in August and kids (young goats) in September.

Do you take in or adopt animals?

No. Unfortunately we cannot take in or adopt animals due to limited space and a risk of disease.