Transforming Edendale

Last year, over 83,000 visitors used Edendale and this number is expected to grow significantly. 

Nillumbik Shire Council has made a commitment to transforming Edendale into an accessible community site that enhances environmental education, events and performances, as well as casual community use.  

Timbers from the Wattletree Road bridge have been incorporated into the landscape as feature fence posts and a seat near the car park entrance.

We are excited to see families using the new space and to meet visitors who have never visited Edendale before.

The changed landscape allows visitors to access the top of the site with ease and we are enjoying seeing parents push their prams on the new paths and children running and playing on the new lawn.  Education groups have been making great use of the amphitheatre. 

Council has also funded development of the car park areas and road to connect Edendale to Wattletree Road.  Melbourne Water provided funding for water sensitive urban design and rain gardens in these areas.

Our on site cafe, Cafe Eden is now working from their new premises with a large deck area where visitors can enjoy the views across the farm, the children's nature play space  and local bushland. 

The ongoing vision for Edendale includes increased community involvement and more events.  We look forward to further development as the concept plan for the site is expanded further in coming years.