Pet waste composting

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Rather than becoming a pollutant, dog or other pet poo can become a nutrient for your garden, by being composted in your backyard.

Pet owners are generally encouraged to collect and dispose of pet poo using plastic / compostable bags, which is way better than leaving it on the sidewalk when you walk your pet.

But this is not the best solution, because ultimately the dog poo ends up going to landfill, contributing to our ongoing problem of waste accumulation.

Meet the EnsoPet 

EnsoPet is the meeting point of responsible pet ownership and sustainability. It is an ingenious in-ground composting system specially designed for composting pet waste.

Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, or guinea pig, EnsoPet offers a hygienic and eco-friendly solution to manage their waste. It not only keeps your yard clean but also contributes to soil enrichment on a microbial level, while returning carbon to the soil.

At the heart of the system are two essential components:

EnsoPet composting unit

This unit consists of four identical sections made from recycled plastic, which can be easily assembled to create a bottomless cylinder.

Once assembled, it measures 35cm wide at the base, 40cm high, and 18.5cm wide at the top/lid. This in-ground composter discreetly sits below ground level, requiring minimal space in your garden or lawn.


EnsoPet Starter

The EnsoPet Starter is the catalyst that accelerates the breakdown of pet waste. It is made in Australia with a mixture of wheat bran rice husks and sawdust infused with a group of beneficial microorganisms. These microorganisms, including lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, photosynthetic bacteria, actinomycetes, and fungi. These microbes accelerate the breakdown of the waste, eliminate odours, help remediate any pathogens in the waste and ultimately contribute to a healthier soil and a more beautiful garden.

EnsoPet Starter is sold in plastic bags or fully compostable hessian sacks.



*EnsoPet products are available for purchase at Edendale in The Shop.

How does Ensopet work?

Here’s a step-by-step overview of how EnsoPet transforms pet waste into a valuable resource:

  • Clip the 4 sides together creating a boomless cylinder. Select a sunny spot with good drainage, then dig a hole and position the EnsoPet with only the lid and opening above ground.
  • Drop in the pet waste (without any plastic bags)
  • Sprinkle the EnsoPet Starter over the pet waste, allowing the microbes to breakdown the waste, eliminate odours, and enhance soil quality.
  • Boost oxygen circulation by aerating weekly, either with our specialised EnsoRator compost aerator or a suitable garden tool.
  • Over time, the composted pet waste enriches the surrounding soil on a microbial level, enhancing its fertility and promoting plant growth. Due to this continuous cycle of composting the EnsoPet may take many months to fill or may never completely fill.

Benefits of EnsoPet composting

  • EnsoPet keeps pet waste out of landfills, minimising its environmental footprint .
  • By composting pet waste, you return carbon to the soil, supporting a sustainable ecosystem.
  • EnsoPet Starter neutralises odours, ensuring a pleasant outdoor space.
  • Composted pet waste enhances soil fertility, promoting healthier plants.
  • EnsoPet provides a dedicated place in the yard for pet waste, providing a healthy environment for family and pets.
  • Uncollected waste not only detracts from the environment but will also pollute water ways when washed away by rain.
  • EnsoPet is an in-ground composter, with only the lid and opening visible above ground.
  • A simple no fuss system


Tips for successful EnsoPet composting

  • Frequent additions of small amounts of waste makes the composting more effective than infrequent large additions of waste.
  • Adding waste daily is better than weekly, weekly is better than monthly.
  • Composting Requires oxygen, the more the waste is aerated the better it will compost.
  • Apply the EnsoPet Starter regularly to facilitate decomposition.
  • Follow Instructions, best results will be achieved if all instructions are followed.