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 Edendale sell a range of products including compost bins, worm farms, Indian Myna traps and indigenous plants.

Indigenous Plants

We grow indigenous plants from locally collected seeds and plant cuttings and these are available for purchase.

We sell Retail and Wholesale tube stock and larger pots. See the Nursery page for more details.

These local native plants are also used for revegetation in reserves and parkland around Nillumbik Shire.

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The Shop - gifts & sustainable living ideas

Visit The Shop at edendale when you are next at the farm.  We have a range of products from local artisans, that are good for the planet and make a great gift for someone near and dear or for yourself!



Vegetable Seedlings

We have a great supply of seasonal Vegetable Seedlings grown by The Veggie Empire in Greensborough and topped up weekly by members of their team. 

You can check out what is available and ready for planting now by visiting the farm and visiting the plant stand at the front of Reception. 

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Eggs are also sometimes available depending on how the hens are laying. $8.50 per dozen.

Local apples are also usually on sale, delivered to us weekly from a local orchard. $9.00 per 2kg bag.

Drop in to the farm to see what we have on the day or call for availability.

Compost bins

Composting your food scraps, grass and garden clippings can provide you with an excellent source of free garden food and soil improver.

As well as creating great fertiliser, composting reduces greenhouse gases, saves water and dramatically reduces your waste.

Compost Bin 220 litre               $63

Compost Mate (hand turner)    $26

All things for worm farms

Composting and worm farms are a simple and easy way to turn kitchen and garden scraps into rich organic soil known as humus. Compost and worm castings make great fertilisers and soil conditioners. They add nutrients to the soil and worm farms generate a liquid fertiliser for plants.

A worm farm is a specialised composting container in which worms do much of the work. The container needs to have drainage holes, a lid to allow aeration and be located where it does not get too hot or too cold.

You can put in kitchen scraps, garden waste, paper, grass clippings, tea bags, coffee grinds; in fact just about anything that is organic.

At Edendale, we have several large worm farms for disposing of some of our waste and we breed worms which are available for sale.

  • Worm Factory                         $88
  • Worms 250g (1000 worms)    $55 

Please check prior to purchase if you want to confirm availability of worms on 9433 3711.

We also sell some spare parts and benchtop waste caddies, come into The Shop at Edendale weekdays 10am to 4.30 to see what we have.

Workshops about composting and worm farming are held throughout the year.

Find out more about worm farms From the Sustainable Garden

Queensland Fruit Fly

Monitoring Traps

At Edendale we sell the BioTrap and associated consumables. We have chosen this product as it has a zero insecticide solution.

Product Unit Price Incl. GST
 BioTrap  trap  $9.00 / trap
 Protein Gel attractant (F&M)  250ml bottle  $12.00 / bottle
 Pheromone attractant (M)  wafer  $7.00 per wafer
 Sticky Insert  insert  $1.50 / insert


We also have some packages that provide a 10% discount

 Package A - 2 traps Package B - 3 Traps 
  • 2 x BioTrap
  • 1 x 250g bottle protein gel
  • 1 x pheromone wafer
  • 4 x Sticky inserts
  • 3 x BioTrap
  • 1 x 250g bottle protein gel
  • 1 x pheromone wafer
  • 4 x Sticky inserts
 Price $39 (incl GST)  Price $50 (incl GST)


Instructions for use of Traps: Qfly-Monitoring-traps-Information-sheet-2.pdf(PDF, 232KB)

Netting Products

Edendale sells a number of different exclusion netting options. All netting is 2mm x 2mm aperture and 45gsm.  We can also cut netting to specified sizes but this needs to be pre-organised.

  Dimension    Price Incl GST
Fitted Insect net  2.4m top diam, 2.89 sides   $40 / net
Pre-cut VegNet  3m x 6m  $15 / net
Pre-cut VegNet  6m x 6m  $30 / net
Cut-to-order Veg Net  Xm x 6m  $6 / metre
 Netting Bags    
 Small - pack of 10  15cm x 25cm  $4.50 / 10 bags (Out of stock) 
 Medium - pack of 10   30cm x 30cm  $5.50 / 10 bags
 Large - pack of 5  30cm x 90cm  $6.50 / 5 bags




Indian Myna traps - Not Available

We are not able to supply Indian Myna Bird Traps any longer due to difficulties in supply. 

To help stop the invasive Indian Myna bird you may be able to build your own trap or source one from suppliers on the internet for home use to reduce the numbers and impact Mynas have on the environment.

A quick Google search for 'Indian Myna Trap Suppliers' or 'Indian Myna Trap Plans' should produce a range of options available. You could also search for 'Pee Gee Traps' which is the style of trap we have previously sold through Edendale (supplied by the Yarra Indian Myna Action Group, a local community based group).

For more general information about this species and how to control them you can visit The Yarra Indian Myna Action Group website (YIMAG).