Our mission

To provide an interactive community and education centre to support sustainable living practices for the whole community.

Our vision

Edendale is enhancing awareness of environmental sustainability through learning and is a place for:

  • lifelong learning about environmental issues including demonstration of local solutions to global environmental challenges
  • drawing people from Nillumbik and beyond
  • celebrating the richness of the Nillumbik environment and culture
  • vibrant and inspiring community activity.

Our guiding principles

Edendale is guided by the following principles:

  • enhance delivery of education and learning opportunities for all ages and abilities
  • demonstrate sustainability through on-site commitment to reducing our ecological footprint
  • protect, enhance and interpret the local biodiversity and cultural heritage of the site
  • provide opportunities for, and seek community involvement, inclusion and celebration in environmental education
  • showcase exemplary design, functionality and aesthetics throughout the site
  • undertake all activities in accordance with inclusive and good governance practices.