In Nillumbik weeds pose a major threat to environment and agriculture.

We are all responsible for managing weeds on our lands.

As weeds don’t obey property boundaries, long term benefits will only be seen when we all work together.

Weeds of Nillumbik

Download the Common Weeds of Nillumbik - this booklet provides basic advice and a guide to the top 40 weeds. Email environment@nillumbik.vic.gov.au or call 9433 3111 for a hard copy.

Download a list of Environmental Weeds(PDF, 81KB) found in Nillumbik.

Artist Pat Reynolds has created beautiful paintings(PDF, 7MB) of Nillumbik’s most common weeds.

Find out more about common weeds:

Weeds on public land

Council and other public land managers control weeds on rural roadsides and in bushland reserves, parks & gardens and other public land.

To report weeds on Council land call 9433 3111.

To learn more or report weeds:

What's my responsibility

All land managers are responsible for managing weeds on their land, irrespective of whether the land is public or privately owned.

Under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (CaLP Act), certain plants are declared as Noxious Weeds in Victoria. These plants cause environmental or economic harm or have the potential to cause such harm. They can also present risks to human health. The CaLP Act defines four categories of Declared Noxious Weeds:

  • State Prohibited Weeds
  • Regionally Prohibited Weeds
  • Regionally Controlled Weeds
  • Restricted Weeds.

Noxious Weeds are categorised into one of these four categories for each catchment region in Victoria.

The Victorian Government is responsible for eradicating State Prohibited Weeds. If you think you have purchased or seen a State Prohibited Weed, please telephone the Agriculture Victoria on 136 186. Please do not attempt to control or dispose of these weeds yourself.

All land managers are responsible for taking all reasonable steps on their land to:

  • Eradicate Regionally Prohibited Weeds and
  • Prevent the growth and spread of Regionally Controlled Weeds.

Trade of Restricted Weeds is prohibited.

As a land manger, it is important to be able to identify and control all weeds posing a threat to your land or neighbouring land (including weeds not listed as Noxious).

Please telephone Council’s Planning Services on 9433 3343 to find out whether you need a planning permit for removal of invasive trees.

Support and advice for land managers

The Common Weeds of Nillumbik booklet provides basic advice and a guide to the top 40 weeds. Call 9433 3111 or email environmental.events@nillumbik.vic.gov.au for a hard copy.

Council employs a Land Management officer who can give you specific advice on how to manage weeds on your property. Council also provides grants for weed control in certain areas of the Shire through the Land Management Incentive Program.

Support is also available from other agencies: