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Visit the Nursery

We are pleased to open our nursery to the general public again from Monday November 23.

But you must have a booked ticket to enter Edendale farm, this includes visiting our Nursery.

Tickets are free but numbers are limited to ensure Covid safe limits and measurements are controlled. 

Bookings open on Tuesday November 10 at  10 am. 

Book online here 

Click and Collect Sales

Pre selected boxes of 20 plants are available for contactless collection from the Edendale carpark at allocated pick up times.

  • Tubestock plants - Pre-selected packages only ( no substitutions sorry) and featured special plants as available.
  • Stakes and guards for your plants
  • Allocated collection time windows
  • Over the phone EFT payments only

Due to staffing levels, plant selections are currently limited to pre-selected packages.

To view the packages, click on the selections below.

To place an order, fill in the Retail Plant Order Form below and click submit.

A staff member will then call you to confirm your order, take payment over the phone and advise of your allocated collection time.

Retail Prices


  • Tubes (selection of 20)  - $3.25 each - $65 per selection
  • Feature Plant Specials - minimum order numbers - prices as listed.

Other Products for Sale

  • Planting kit No 1 (3 stakes & a tree guard)  - $3.50 per set
  • Planting kit for 20 plants (60 stakes and 20 tree guards) - $70.00
  • Hardwood stakes  - Bundle of 50 $43.00, 3 for $2.75, or $1.00 each
  • Treeguard  - 80c


Things we sell

At present we are only selling a limited range of pre-selected plant packages plus stakes and guards.

This is due to limited staffing capacity as most of our team are still working from home, those who are on site are on a roster system to meet Covid Worksafe practices.

Once we are able to increase our staff levels and our click and collect program, or welcome visitors back to the farm we will once again be able to offer our full range of products including Compost Bins, Worm Farms and Myna Traps.


See our Things We Sell page to plan your sustainable living journey once we are able to offer these products.


About the Nursery

Edendale Indigenous Plant Nursery produces over 100,000 local native plants each year from seeds and cuttings sourced from the Shire’s many reserves and remnant vegetation areas and our own stock.

Plants are available to purchase for the general public and to the Wholesale trade. These local native plants are also used for revegetation in reserves and parkland around Nillumbik Shire. The use of theses indigenous plants enhances our local environment and supports native ecosystems and fauna.

All plants are grown on site, in a purpose-built propagation shed and hot houses.

Our qualified Nursery Team are highly skilled, experienced and dedicated to producing quality indigenous tubestock and pots to meet your needs.

Working alongside our staff is a wonderful team of volunteers from the community who generously give their time while enjoying the benefits of participation. 

Edendale Indigenous Nursery is a member of Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria (NGIV), the peak industry body for the state’s horticultural sector.



Plant selections

We have standard packages listed below only.

Unfortunately we cannot offer variations or substitutions. 

Each group consists of 20 tubestock for $65 ready to plant.

Featured Plant Specials may vary in size and numbers. 

Dry Grasses

A selection of grasses which require minimal watering once established.
  •  10 x Spear Grass - Austrostipa sp. 1.0 mt high
  •  10 x Wallaby Grass - Rytidosperma sp. 30cm - 1.0 mt high



Moist Area Grasses

 Grasses that might need extra water in the warmer months to maintain a lush appearance.
  • 10 x Tussock Grass  -  Poa sp. To 1.0 mt high
  • 10 x  Wallaby Grass Rytidosperma sp. 30 cm - 1.0 mt high

Wildflower Garden 1

With so much native Spring colour, we have three options. The first brings a combination of white and yellow daisies with a splash of blue. Will suit drier conditions.

  • 5 x Chamomile Sunray -  Rhodanthe anthemoides 20 - 30 cm high
  • 5 x Large-headed Daisy -  Brachyscome diversifolia 20 - 50 cm high
  • 5 x Tall Bluebell -  Wahlenbergia stricta 20 - 50 cm high
  • 5 x Grass Trigger Plant -  Stylidium graminifolium 20 - 60 cm high


Wildflower Garden 2

Our second selection of wildflowers has the ever popular Cut-leaf Daisy, Everlasting Daisies, and Trigger Plants. Great for attracting native bees and also suitable for dry, sunny spots.

  • 5 x Cut-leaf Daisy - Brachyscome multifida 20 - 30 cm high
  • 5 x Sticky Everlasting - Xerochrysum viscosum 20 - 90 cm high
  • 5 x Thrift-leaved Trigger Plant - Stylidium armeria 20 cm - 1.0 mt high
  • 5 x Button Everlasting - Coronidium scorpioides 20 - 30 cm high

Wildflower Garden 3

This package contains popular lilies. Will prefer a slightly more sheltered or moist position for longer flowering. Bulbine Lilies may die back in summer.

  • 5 x Smooth Flax Lily - Dianella laevis/longifolia 40 - 80 cm high
  • 5 x Bulbine Lily - Bulbine bulbosa 20 - 60 cm high
  • 5 x Common Riceflower – Pimelea humilis 40 - 60 cm high
  • 5 x Grass Trigger Plant - Stylidium graminifolium 20 - 60 cm high

Tough and Hardy

A combination of hardy plants for dry areas, including tall rushes, spreading groundcovers, daisies, and dense growing shrubs.

  •  5 x Spiny-headed Mat Rush - Lomandra longifolia 50 cm - 1.0 mt high
  •  5 x Nodding Saltbush - Einadia nutans 30cm high x 1.2mt
  •  3 x Golden Everlasting - Chrysosephalum apiculatum 30 cm – 50 cm
  •  2 x Grey Everlasting – Ozothamnus obcordatus 1 - 1.5mt high
  •  3 x Chamomile Sunray - Rhodanthe anthemoides 20 - 30 cm high
  •  2 x Wedge-leaf Hop Bush - Dodonaea viscosa 1.0 mt - 3.0 mt high

Bush Foods

A selection of plants with edible features - tubers, leaves, bulbs, and berries. Try making tea from River Mint, pesto from Warrigal Greens, or baking Yam Daisy tubers!

  •  5 x Yam Daisy - Microseris lanceolata 10 cm - 30 cm high
  •  3 x Warrigal Greens - Tetragonia tetragonioides Prostrate x 2.0mt high
  •  2 x River Mint - Mentha australis 30 cm - 80 cm high
  •  5 x Pale Vanilla Lily - Arthropodium milleflorum 30 cm - 1.0 mt high
  •  3 x Bulbine Lily -Bulbine bulbosa 20 - 60 cm high
  •  2 x Inland Pigface – Carpobrotus modestus 20cm high – 50cm wide

Feature Plant Special

 Additional to our plant bundles, we also have some specially selected plant offers that will be updated each few weeks. 

This week's plant is :

Craspedia variabilis – Common / Variable Billy Buttons

A vibrant, spreading perennial herb that flowers from early spring to summer – these cute little buttons are excellent insect habitat and prefer moister soils.

Buy 10 tubes for $30.

Billy Buttons craspedia.jpg



Retail Plant Order Form

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Wildflower Garden 1
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Tough and Hardy
Bush Foods
Feature Plant Special
10 tubes for $30
Common/Variable Billy Buttons - Craspedia variabilis

If you are a professional in the gardening industry head over to our  Wholesale Customer page  to check your eligibility to purchase as a wholesale customer.

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