School holidays at Edendale

Guinea Pig oct 2021.jpg

Spring 2021 - Monday September 20 to Saturday October 2

With Spring in our sights  we have a variety of activities planned for these coming school holidays. They will be online but still packed with animals and farm fun and learning.

  • Wildlife Xposure is back each Wednesday. Xavier and Brandon will share amazing animals to learn about. 
  • Family focused Workshops will also be on offer. Learn about keeping your own Chooks and how amazing Guinea Pigs can be as pets. 
  • Diamond Valley Art Society were planning some great activities, sadly these will have to wait till the Summer Holiday.
  • Walk or ride the bike path alongside Edendale if you are lucky enough to live nearby. You can check out the Platypus trail decals as you go along and learn more about this amazing animal.  And while you cant visit our animals or meet our new spring arrivals up close, we will have some goat kids and lambs that you may also see in our paddocks close to the trail.  

For the garden and nature lovers, our Indigenous Nursery will be stocked with great plants available for purchase online with our Click & Collect in place. 

Please check our main Coronavirus Updates for the most current information and requirements for when you can visit the farm.