Waste free visits to Edendale

rubbish free picnic

Whether visiting Edendale for a casual day visit, a larger get together or a child's party we ask that you consider the environment. 

Party decorations and napkins can sometimes blow away and end up in our paddocks and dams. For this reason paper items are preferred. In addition we ask that you please use reusable or recyclable plates cups and other items wherever possible.

Great things to use whenever you visit Edendale are:

  • Reusable or recyclable picnic ware for serving, crockery and cutlery
  • Cotton material tablecloths or reusable plastic cloths
  • Cotton or paper bunting for decorations (Please see below about our strict No Balloon policy).
  • Paper party favour bags or gift bags
  • A cardboard box or two to take any waste home to sort into your appropriate bins at home

When using our on site bins near cafe eden please take careful note of items that go in each bin and sort your waste accordingly. Children find this to be a lot of fun with our ingenious bin pulley system!

Please note: We have a strict No Balloon policy . Broken and lost balloons may end up in our paddocks or the environment where they are a hazard to our animals, creatures in the wild and ultimately our waterways and oceans.  (You can view an informative video on the link below ) We will ask that balloons (including foil balloons) be removed from the farm to be disposed of off site.