If your school is relatively local to the Eltham area, Edendale Education can also offer a range of our activities for incursion, including:

  • Tale of the Creek (Story and role play with a water quality focus)
  • Growing Your Own Food / Food Miles
  • Soil Matters (The beauty of composting and worm farming)
  • Food Footprint (Environmental impact of what we eat)
  • Hands-on Veggie Gardening (in your patch)
  • Indigenous Plant Propagation and Planting (seasonal)
  • Eltham Copper Butterfly (Story and role play about this special endangered species)
  • Consumption Down! (Waste reduction hierarchy, smarter shopping)
  • What a Load of Rubbish (What goes in what bin and a fun recycle relay)
  • Buzzing Around (The amazing life of bees)
  • What a Load of Rubbish (What goes in what bin and a fun recycle relay)
  • Fast Fashion (Environmental impact of what we wear)
  • A variety of environmental art activities.

We also have access to several terrific short films that can be used in a discussion sessions with your class.

An incursion could be a one-off one hour session, or a rotating series of activities. For example, if you have three classes in your year level, we would come for several hours and run three activities.  

We can teach to a particular theme or a more general sustainability program (eg. a water, a waste and a biodiversity activity).

If you have specific curriculum needs that you would like us address, have a chat to us about how best to achieve this. We are very flexible and are happy to tailor what we offer to suit you.

Please contact us if you are interested in an incursion, on 9433 3706 or