Platypus activities


Looking for some activities to do in your down time?

Here are some ideas:

Platypus Colouring

The platypus is a very special critter that lives in the Diamond Creek.  Download the below picture and brighten it up with your colouring pencils or texters

Platypus-Water-Bug-Colouring-Picture.pdf(PDF, 1MB)  

Diamond Creek Self Guided Bike Tour


If the weather is fine, jump on your bike and look for the10 platypus decals with fun facts about the life cycle and unique quirky features of the platypus, as well as tips on what we can all do to preserve their habitat and become a platypus protector. The decals are spread over a round trip of approximately 5kms that starts and ends near the bridge at Edendale Farm.

Interesting Platypus Facts

If you would like to learn more about the beautiful platypus, check out this page that supports the 10 decals on the bike ride  

Platypus Videos 

If the weather is bad or you just want some quiet time at home, check out these two videos on the platypus and water bugs