Community Environment Recovery Action Plans

The Natural Environment Recovery Working Group was funded to develop Community Environmental Recovery Action Plans (CERAP) for Strathewen, St Andrews and Christmas Hills. The final version of each action plan can be viewed below.

Each action plan was developed in partnership with the community, and have been designed to provide clear direction for local environmental assets, land management and fire recovery programs.

The project took into account local environmental assets, land uses and bushfire safety, and will improve community access to practical information on land use and environmental management.

As a part of the CERAP process a series of fact sheets have been developed that provide more detail on specific aspects of land management. 

Action plans

Fact sheets

Community groups

A number of community groups support the project, these include:

  • Strathewen Landcare
  • Strathewen Community Renewal Association
  • St Andrews Landcare
  • St Andrews Community Bushfire Recovery Association
  • Christmas Hills Landcare 
  • Skyline Road North and Wallace Road Bushfire Zone Alliance (SWBZA Inc)

For information contact the Sustainability and Environment unit on 9433 3316 or .